12 Common Misconceptions About Weight Loss – A Complete Beginners Guide

Obesity is a global issue. But why do people rant about weight? Why is it such a hot topic? Because it is not only a issue regarding the appearance. It is a fatal disease that corrodes you from inside and kills you slowly and gradually, like a venom. To be honest, weight loss is as important as breathing. Why is keeping yourself active ,eating less, not being a couch potato and avoiding sugary drinks so difficult? People often neglect their weight, waist size and weight fluctuations.

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What if I am not overweight right now?

Even if your weight lies in the healthier range, do not become complacent towards it. Make healthy lifestyle a routine. Stop gaining weight after middle age if you wish to live with your offspring. Adult weight gain after can increase risk of breast cancer.

Why Should I lose weight?

Not only damaging to your health, carrying around extra weight is also uncomfortable. Weight loss is important because it contributes to self confidence, overall well being and lowering of anxiety and depression. It is essential to improve metabolism, lean body mass and number of calories burnt per day. It helps you shed body fat.

Do you really want to invite joint diseases and breathing problems? Do you really want to feel sad and embarrassed? Certainly not. That is why you need to lose weight. Ask your dietitian, nutritionist and healthcare provider about why you need to set weight loss goals.

It is extremely important to lose weight if you do not want your loved ones to see you dying young. Weight loss changes your attitude towards food and sets your life principles. Feel happy and energetic like never before!

Lose weight so that your kids see you as their role model. Save yourself and your loved ones from traumatic deaths. Dress as you desire and keep yourself motivated. Set weight loss as a priority so that your family eats well and join you. Avoid the guilt of eating junk and switch to comfort eating.

What if I have no issues with being overweight?

Weight loss should be considered as an accomplishment because it turns your life around. Lose weight and make yourself of taking up life challenges. The extra burden you carry hurts your knees. With the passage of time you will enjoy losing weight. Losing weight is the sensible option.

Witness your body shape change, your cycles improve and become an ambassador of healthy living. Weight loss is not a punishment. It will make you feel focused and satisfied. It will boost your self belief. Losing weight is your right because your deserve to be admiring, inspiring and attractive.

Is sleeping well also important?

lose weight while you sleep

Weight management has been thought of as only weight loss by many. Weight management covers all aspects of attaining and maintaining optimum weight for a healthy lifestyle that includes your sleep schedule. Health professionals now realize that prevention of weight gain as well as weight loss and improving health status are important goals. These goals must be individualized for success.

At the outset of treatment, the patient and health care provider should discuss and agree upon goals. The goals must take into account the food habits, exercise behaviors, psychological outlook and support systems of the individual. Realistic expectations, short- and long-term, may be promoted by a discussion of a healthy weight versus an ideal body weight. Features of weight management interventions may include behavior modification, dietary principles, energy balance components, and a sound food plan.

In order to create a behavior modification plan that will be successful for the individual, identifying cues, responses and consequences of eating behaviors is necessary. Control of eating behavior, physical activity, emotional, social, and psychological health must all be analysed and interventions applied. Behaviors related to problems with intake and expenditure of energy must be specifically defined. Recording and analyzing eating and exercise behavior to develop strategies aimed at learning new behaviors are essential.

Why is weight loss hard?

Dietetic practice in weight management is complex and challenging. Assessment of weight and health should guide weight management goals and outcomes. The weight and dieting history should include age of onset of weight problems, number and types of diets, exercise history, possible triggers to weight gains and losses, and an appropriate range of weight change. The Body Mass Index (BMI) is considered the standard measurement for weight status.

In this modern era of globalization, people are so occupied with various problems and issues coming from everywhere, to an extent that their health is often neglected. Therefore, health problems elevates and there are rising awareness of the importance of maintaining a good health. One of the most common health problems is being overweight.

Therefore, we are going to discuss about factors contributing to weight gain, misconceptions in weight management, followed by some tips for weight loss. But here comes the question: Why is it so important to maintain our body weight? What is so bad about being overweight?

It is important to be aware of the seriousness of being overweight, as it is accompanied by few of the most dangerous diseases mankind can have. First thing’s first, being overweight detriments our health. Being overweight is one of the many factors that leads to obesity, while obesity is a risk factor for some chronic diseases such as cardiovascular diseases, a class of disease that involves the heart, blood vessels, arteries, capillaries, and veins. Being overweight also causes premature death, as shown in various researches.

Next, being overweight takes toll on most people’s appearances. It causes depression and anxiety as a lot of problems arises in conjunction with being overweight.

What should I do?

If you are looking for the best way to lose weight fast, there are numerous web sites with suggestions or magazine articles. But if you are serious about losing weight, it is best to do it in a healthy way. Often times when fast weight loss happens it can be extremely detrimental to your health. The following tips are a healthier alternative to losing weight.

Knowing what amount of calories you should have per day is vital when attempting to lose weight. When you exercise or do regular activities, you burn calories. In order for you to maintain a healthy weight, you should not burn a tremendously a lot more than you take in.

Breakfast consisting of a high fibre cereal and some fruit, is great for boosting your energy and will keep you full until lunch. Exercise every morning following breakfast and you will have a ton of energy to last all day. Regular exercise is one of the healthiest forms of weight loss. It will tone you and give you energy at the same time. For healthy snacks throughout the day, eat various veggies. Pieces of fruit or vegetable sticks are great for tiding you over between meals.

Water, water, and more water. If you do not take anything else from these suggestions, take away the importance of water. When you exercise, water will keep you hydrated, it will decrease your bloated feeling, and simply it is good for you.

We have all skimmed a magazine and wished we were as thin, or secretly envied our friends and family for their skinny little bodies. But the truth is, we are all not made to be the same size. A particular weight on a girl from the magazine, may be the weight that would make you appear sick and unhealthy.

The media bombards us with advertisements and articles about weight-loss supplements. . The manner in which different media sources treat weight-loss supplements greatly influences the public's perception of these products.

Today’s children are faced with a severe epidemic. Day after day, children are growing in size. The number of obese children is growing severely and scientists are perplexed. Obesity is a disease affecting thousands of people every day. While conducting my research, the argument that I found was most prominent was the debate between whether obese individuals should become fit vs. just losing weight. Most articles I found continued to say that obese people need to lose weight to reduce their chances of being affected by certain diseases such as hypertension, diabetes, cancer, and heart attacks.

Why is protein important for weight loss?

Being under nourished can seriously cause irreversible damage to the body, and comprise the body immune system. Over nutrition means the body has consumed too much food, as well as vitamins and minerals over a period of time. This is why proportion size and eating in moderation is very important because the body can become over nourished to the point where it becomes unhealthy and possibly lead to death. Mainly consuming an excess amount of carbohydrates and fats contribute to the body being over nourished and this can become a danger to a person’s health. Thus, causing a person to be obese, and being obese is a psychological disorder that causes a person to over eat and become extremely unhealthy.

Being physically active and maintaining a healthy diet works together in having good health. When the body is physically active it speeds up the metabolism and therefore burns calories. Also when the body is physically active an individual will have more energy and in return have the desire to eat less.

Some insurance providers cover the surgical procedure, depending on the patient’s coverage and medical needs. This method of weight loss requires serious consideration as there are complications that can come along with each type of these procedure. Some individuals experience digestive complications, severe nausea or intestinal discomfort. The procedure has proven to be an effective method of weight loss for morbidly obese individuals. Aside from the medical risks, the excess skin that comes as a result of the rapid reduction in weight, can also become an issue. All aspects of these procedures should be considered thoroughly and the potential risks mitigated as much as possible.

Slimming pills and procedures like bariatric surgery and liposuction may help reduce weight but are not considered “first line medicines.” Patients who qualify for bariatric surgery are those who have tried the natural way of losing weight but failed. Performing bariatric surgery for obese children and adolescents in order to discipline their behavior warrants reflection and caution. In the field of weight loss, it is not astonishing to hear of healthcare professionals proclaiming the virtues of a revolutionary product or procedure for losing weight without realizing that sometimes, it’s the old, time-tested and reliable ways that work the best. The truth is there are really ways to avoid risking one’s life from this “alternative way” at the same time still getting the loss in weight.

To start proper dieting, enjoy one’s meal but do it in moderate portions of food. It is an effective weight loss trick to start with vegetable soup because it fills up the tummy and the common tendency is to eat less. Make lunch the main meal of the day. Choose to enjoy the food’s taste and quality rather than its size of servings. Combine and explore the food’s taste and flavor. Food with colors like green, blue-green, red, yellow, white, and black is the healthiest.

Should I buy a weight loss belt?

We live in a consumer culture where products and services such as belts, slimming pills, slimming creams, weight loss products that tone fat without exercise, liposuction and cosmetic surgery, are just a few of the popular methods that are promoted by advertisers to help people in achieving their ideal body image. Advertisements draw attention to a host of ideologies, by offering products and services that attract consumers who oblige their bodies, minds and souls to achieving the ideal appearance of beauty. Advertisements are present where ever we go, they are present on buses, billboards, in malls, magazines and many more.

​Are you looking for the best waist trimmer belts?

Can I lose weight by walking?

Another strategy that fits in this economical detrimental diet group is some categories of weight loss pills. They can be very inexpensive, while one continues to eat an unhealthy diet. It may even encourage the individual to eat more because weight is no longer a concern and money is abundant. Think about what is being paid for by purchasing this pill. A cheap ticket to denial! If someone wants to lose weight and die young of a clogged artery, he/she should spend the money on a treadmill instead.

Almost two out of three adults are obese or overweight, and more than half of the young children are not active enough to have potential risk for obesity Obesity has already become one of the most significant public health issues in the entire world. Research has mentioned that obesity could lead to the many risks for premature mortality and numerous chronic diseases such as type 2 diabetes mellitus, osteoarthritis, coronary heart diseases, hypertension, and decreased life expectancy, and it could affect an individuals’ social and psychological status.

In recent years, an increasing number of researchers have suggested that eating breakfast could burn calories to prevent obesity. Eating breakfast will allow adults to be more active during the day, and increase the energy levels. There are numerous benefits associated with eating breakfast on time including weight management and a boost to one’s physical and mental energy throughout the day. Previous cross-sectional studies have shown that children who eat breakfast in the morning perform better on tests and have longer attention spans.

On the aspect of weight loss, eating breakfast is a high-quality way to begin the day and might be vital in attaining and upholding a fit weight. The theory of morning diet is different from other ways to lose weight.

When weight loss stalls?

There are many reasons for obesity, for example is genetics. We can see that 40% people get obesity maybe from their parents' genetics. The obesity problem is difficult to prevent, so they need be referred to a health specialist. Bad eating habits are among-st the major reasons of obesity. We must be cautious about the food that we eat. If we take the wrong food, it may give bad effect to our body. The last reasons for obesity is lack of exercise. We need to exercise at least three times a week. We do not need to waste our money to go to the gym, we can do exercise everywhere such as jogging at the park and so on. Sometimes, we have to sweat to release bad impurities in our body. There are many ways to overcome the obesity. Firstly is eating a balanced diet. Having a balanced diet is important for our health.

The most effective way of managing your weight is by controlling the amount of calories that your body consumes with the amount of exercise that you get in your daily activities. Currently about 66% of Americans are overweight. This number has nearly doubled since the year of 1980. There are two types of fats, subcutaneous fat, visceral fat. Subcutaneous fats are called lipids which affect your nerves, brain lungs, heart and liver. Visceral fats are fats that exist in within your body's tissues. These are the fats that people are referring to when they are trying to lose weight. It is important to balance your body's energy with the amount of calories taken in verse the amount of calories that you burn by your physical activities. There are many health risks that apply when your body has an excess of body fat.

There are countless examples of successful athletes who have elevated their performance by changing their bodies. Usually, the change involves shedding excess body fat, and perhaps a bit of excess muscle. From training and fueling their bodies, and following proper diet and exercise plans, to understanding the benefits of proper body composition, it is important for athletes to manage their weight in order to perform at their very best. When a wrestler reaches his optimum weight, he has the potential to experience his peak performance. In wrestling, reaching optimum body weight is extremely important.

Safe weight loss can only truly be achieved by a careful diet and exercise. For years there have been hundreds of gimmicks ranging from pills, soaps, drinks, and unconventional diet plans. Desperate to lose weight, people invest hundreds of dollars each year to gimmicks and diet plans that do not work. Although some of these products do produce temporary results, they are not always safe and the lost weight normally comes back. It is proven that the only way to lose weight and keep it off is by a healthy diet and exercise.

What causes obesity?

The most common reason for being overweight is a sedentary lifestyle, a life style of little activity, and overeating. In order to control weight, caloric intake should be monitored. In order to lose weight people must take in fewer calories then what is burned. Therefore, if more calories are taken into the body then those that are burned, the person will gain weight.

Losing weight is a long and sometimes even difficult process. However, it does have benefits. Losing weight will raise self esteem and generally makes the person happier.

Fitness helps people deal with strong emotions and stress. As a result, people who exercise have better mental health compared to those who do not exercise. Being in a better physical condition has a large impact on mental health and can help a person deal with everyday situations and problems. A healthy diet is a necessity in order to lose weight and keep it off. A diet should be maintained and part of everyday life. After a person loses their desirable amount of weight if they go back to their old eating habits the weight will come back.

This i called weight cycling, and this can go on for years. Weight cycling is not healthy and can be discouraging. It is important that a well-rounded diet is maintained throughout the persons life. A healthy diet should consist of adequate amounts from the five basic food groups. Six to eleven servings of breads and grains should be consumed a day.

Three to five servings from the vegetable group. Two to four servings from the fruit group. And two to three servings from the dairy and meat groups. The fats, oils, and sweets group should not be consumed often. These are empty calorie foods and consist of mainly sugar and very little nutrients.

What causes obesity

How does exercise help?

The other necessity in losing weight is exercise. There are two basic types of exercise, anaerobic and aerobic. Anaerobic consists of intense physical activity in which the body's supply of oxygen to make energy does not meet the demand. Aerobic exercise uses a constant supply of oxygen. With aerobic exercises heart rate increases and more oxygen is transported to muscles. If a person is looking to lose weight an aerobic exercise would be a better choice then an anaerobic exercise.

An aerobic exercise should be done for twenty to thirty minutes without stopping. They should be done regularly, at least three to four times a week. This will help maintain body composition and total fitness. When picking exercises, they should be appropriate for the location that the person lives in and facilities and weather should be carefully considered. The person should make sure that the exercises they choose are enjoyable and effective. Aerobic exercises consist of a warm-up, the work out, and a cool down.

Warm-ups consists of stretching or jogging, anything that raises the heart rate. The workout is an aerobic exercise which can be any activity that can be done briskly for twenty to thirty minutes, such as, running, swimming, jogging, or dancing. The cool down consists of lowering the heart rate. Following a brisk work out a person should do an activity less rigorous then the work out its self for approximately five minutes, and after that the person should stretch for another five minutes. When people start their exercise program, they may become discouraged because of what their scale says. Exercising builds muscle, and because muscle weighs more than fat your body weight may not go down.

However, your body fat ratio is lower. In order to lose weight muscles must be built up because that is where calories are burned. Therefore, when people start exercise programs they need to realize that what the scale says is not important, it's the percent body fat. Through a careful diet and exercise program weight loss goals can be achieved.

The person choosing to lose the weight must be aware of the situation and realize that their new way of life must be constant or they will begin a period of weight cycling. The person should keep track of their weight loss in a journal and make sure they are losing weight at a healthy rate. If any questions or problems arise the person should confront their doctor with anything out of the ordinary. Weight loss can raise self esteem and give people the confidence they need to live their everyday life. It can also help them deal with stress and problems throughout their life.


All in all, which ever path you chose to lose weight, for example belt, walk or surgery, make sure that you continue on that path, no matter how long or hard it seems to be, until desired goal is achieved.

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