Most Important Acupressure Points to Lose Weight

What else have you not tried to lose weight and keep yourself in shape? Diet, jogging, yoga, Zumba and what not. What if I tell you that if you just add more things or a way along with all these ways you lose your weight like you lose your hair pins? Yup it is that easy. I am talking about acupressure for weight loss.

Acupressure for Weight Loss

The acupressure means pressuring up certain areas or points of body, but it is a risky process because we as normal people without any studies of it do not know which points or for what illness or shortcoming are. So let me tell you the acupressure for your good body shape:

Does Acupressure help lose Weight?

The weight gets reduced, it is true but they become flat. You should be following a fitness routine which would make your body look beautiful for long, and not just for the time being. For one to bore a beautiful body, it is important to have curves and cuts to the body where they actually should be present. The acupressure therapy helps one with that.

You would yourself notice that while applying acupressure for weight loss to your daily regime you would not need to squeeze out any big part of your body, it would get up toned on its own.

Not only this, the weight loss pills which are causing side effects to the body by slowing down metabolism can also be prevented once the acupressure for weight loss is included into one’s daily regime. Dietitians have been forever saying to go all natural on food.

Pressure points for Weight Loss

There are no downsides of acupressure for weight loss since there can be no side effect of an acupressure. Even if it won’t turn out to be useful, the acupressure for weight loss would never turn to be harmful to one’s body.

The only point that it is totally natural is convincing enough to start doing them learn the basic pressure points for weight loss. Let’s get over to some of the pressure points for weight loss here now listing below:

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    Take your left hand. Find the corner most part of the palm away from fingers. This corner most triangle is your first pressure point for weight loss.
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    Now take the thumb of your right hand and rub this point with that thumb. If there is a lot of fat in your body, massaging this pressure point for weight loss will make the excess fat burn and would make it go away little by little when done on a daily basis. This is basically advised for slimming the stomach down.
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    Taking the focus a bit upward, sometimes our body collects a lot of fat in the chest area, or the upper back. So the pressure points for weight loss helping those areas would be at the back of your hand. Flip your left hand upside down.
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    Now start massaging the pressure point for weight loss where the fingers start with your right thumb again. Massaging this would help emptying the upper lymph of your body little by little and would help in slimming it down.

Benefit of Pressure Points in Weight Loss

The biggest benefit of pressure points for weight loss is that the effect is gradual and permanent. Plus one would never feel fatigued out or any kind of weakness. The pressure points for weight loss when combined with consuming a glass of hot water prior the process speedens it up since it paves the way for fat to move around by giving it a little heat.

One does not need to take of much time to do pressure points for weight loss from their busy schedule. The pressure points for weight loss could be done on your way to office, school or at any 5-10 break you got from your boss.

Ear Acupuncture points for Weight Loss

Ever heard of ear acupuncture points for weight loss? Yes it is true. Some people complain of gaining weight even after eating healthy. It's not always important that what they ate was unhealthy. Sometimes the nerves in are body are also pressed extensively to not work properly this leading to shortcomings including weight gain also.

Coming to ear acupuncture points for weight loss now, there a triangle like shape near to our earlobe which has to be pressed with a thumb. What this ear acupuncture points for weight loss would is, it would suppress hunger which would lead to boosting of the metabolism and urge to eat would also come down.

The hormone ‘leptin’ which has got damaged into the body by now would get support from this ear acupuncture point for weight loss to function properly.

Press the point of ear acupuncture point for weight loss to a certain limit, the prerequisite of this could be to only press it till it doesn't start getting hurt. Leave the ear acupuncture point for weight loss as soon as it starts causing pain.

The ear acupuncture points for weight loss are helpful since most of the nerves pass through our ear and ear is pretty thin to put pressure to any nerve.

Thus the ear is targeted for ear acupuncture points for weight loss. It is important to note that an ear acupuncture point for weight loss should be pressed for 10 days straight to notice a difference.

If there is a difference in body, the ear acupuncture point for weight loss must be continued otherwise left alone.

Acupressure VS Acupuncture

Worldwide, not only acupressure but acupuncture weight loss ways have also became popular since last one decade. But what is the difference between the two even after belonging to the common family of ‘acu’?

The word acupressure itself suggests putting a pressure on a certain area while puncture meaning puncturing the area with a thin needle.

So acupuncture are performed with hair thin needles while acupressure can be performed with a thing having a large area, even the hand.But what is the use? Can you recall the chapter you studied in high school that less the area, more the pressure.

The hair needle having less surface area puts more pressure on the point thus more effective. The acupuncture is highly sensitive and should only be done if you have nice knowledge of it. A lot of people have turned to acupuncture treatment for weight loss.

Acupuncture Treatment for Weight Loss

The acupuncture treatment for weight loss is an ancient Chinese method of boosting weight loss when on a diet. People gain weight because the energy distribution problem in the body.

The acupuncture treatment for weight loss solves this by the rewinding the disruption of energy flow of the body which was otherwise affecting kidneys, digestive system and liver since these disruptions impact negatively on fat accumulation, water retention, stress development contributing to the extra pounds.

The acupuncture treatment for weight loss increases metabolism, improving cholesterol levels and functioning of intestines.

The acupuncture treatment for weight loss is also known to improving moods and reducing stress releasing neurotransmitters to the body through hair needle pins.

Acupuncture treatment for weight loss has been most successful because it suppresses appetite making you feel full all the time. The acupuncture treatment for weight loss reduces the overall mass of the body.

The acupuncture treatment for weight loss which suits one might not suit other since the reasons could be different from one another. If one is going through stress and has gained would not be able to lose weight doing acupuncture treatment for weight loss which has been designed to cure cravings.

Thus it is important to talk to your acupuncturist first to first figure out the problem and then proceed with a solution for the same.

All the weight loss acupuncture and acupressure ways when combined with diet and exercise bore best results.

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