Weight Loss Pills – Do they really help in loosing weight or not ?

Weight loss pills are so common nowadays as people keep on adding weight in each and every aspect of life. As a matter of fact, big weight makes most people uncomfortable and that is why the use of pills nowadays is in the upper rank.

There are different types of weight loss solutions out there that entails; pills, drugs and natural supplements, which are believed to help one lose weight when used together with other methods. However, the main aim of this paper is geared towards the use of weight loss pills among other methods.

There are a variety of pills used by individuals who are in need of weight loss and such pills entails, Alli, Naturals, pills without caffeine, pills for high blood pressure, pills for diabetics, among others.

Sometimes the body may not respond well to one particular type of body weight pill. However, there is a room for changing to another prescribed pill

Orlistat is the main name for Alli, it is a pill sold in the pharmacy where the prescription is made for the users. Fats are normally broken down in the gut to release calories that aid in the body growth.

However, when Alli pill is taken, it works as an enzyme through inhibition of the breakdown of fats in the gut hence, enabling one to get a few calories from the fat.

On the other hand, the pill is efficacious since it can increase weight loss by around two kilograms as compared to other pills. The reviews that have been seen in different studies show that the drug is effective. On the other hand, the pill has been indicated to reduce blood pressure slightly, therefore, reducing the risk of developing diabetes by about 37%.

Weight loss pills Alli

There are some setbacks that come with the use of the weight loss Alli pill and they include; loose stool which is oily, frequent bowel movement, flatulence. Also, it may contribute to the deficit in vitamins such as; vitamins A, D, E and Therefore it is advisable to take low-fat diet while taking the pill so as to avoid the side effects.

Weight loss pills without Caffeine

Weight loss pill without caffeine is sometimes not effective because caffeine helps in reducing weight to a reasonable extent since it increases fat burning in the body. However, it is also believed that the named pill can help a person reduce weight. Also, the reviews done in some two studies indicated that the named pill contribute very little to the weight loss.

Weight loss pills for High Blood Pressure

Orlistat is one of the diet pills that reduces weight gain. Increase in weight is a major risk factor for the high blood pressure because weight gain means there are a lot of fats in the body that might trigger high pretension.

Therefore, a doctor is in a position to make the final decision of what a patient should do in such cases because that diet pills alone may not be effective.However, as the body weight increases, the  blood pressure can also increase, being overweight can make one likely to develop the named disorder than when one is at the desirable weight. About 70% of adult individuals in the United States are overweight( Livestrong, 2016).

The other natural weight loss pill is the kidney bean extract which contains the inhibitors, that has the capacity to prevent the absorption of fats after every meal. Therefore, one is taken after every meal for good results. On the other hand, people are advised to avoid this pill because it has not been studied well. The green tea extract is also believed to facilitate the function of the hormone that aids in the burning of fats in the body.

Several studies have shown that, the extract is able to increase fat burning and also cause fat loss majorly around the abdomen. The extract has got the effect of causing some symptoms to people who are sensitive to caffeine since it contains caffeine.

There are also many prescriptions that are given to patients who are recommended to lose weight due to some medical reasons. The prescriptions are contrive, Belviq, phentermine and osymia. Regarding the study that was done in 2014, prescriptions may also not work properly as one may believe. These pills only work effectively in the company of healthy weight loss diet.

Reason why Weight Loss Pills are good

Weight loss pills are of value to so many people since it enables them to gain the shape of their choice.Therefore, the advantages of the pills are; they reduce appetite hence making the fat individuals not to take a lot of food that may lead to the increase in calories in the body.

Secondly,  the reduced absorption of nutrients such as fats results to the intake of the fewer calories.Some of the pills fercilitates the increase in the fat burning, this breaks down more calories.For that reason, people are encouraged to check on their weight by taking the weight pills where applicable.

Things to Avoid

Some weight loss pills  such as the orlistat are not good for weight loss due to the fact that, they lead to the unpleasant side effects that may cause harm to the metabolic processes in the body.

On the other hand, individuals should not take junk foods and a lot of sugar that contain  fats that when broken down, produces more calories hence leading to the increase in body weight.

Benefits of the Weight Loss Pills

Most of the weight loss pills are beneficial to  various individuals as they burn down calories making an individual to gain the recommended weight.Some of the slimming pills are stimulants since they contain coffee hence, beneficial.Consequently, the pills enables an individual, to withstand some diseases such as diabetes and blood pressure , that majorly comes as a result of gaining of the unnecessary weight.

Benefits of the weight loss pills - weight loss pills to buy

Weight Loss Pill Reviews

A review that was carried out in the year 2011 whereby 12 studies were carried out on garcinia cambogia revealed that, it causes weight loss of 0.88kg over four weeks. This brings to the attention of the individuals that the pill can reduce weight to some extent though slightly.On the other hand, some studies have shown that, caffeine can boost metabolism by 3-11% but increases the breakdown of fats by upto 29%. Also, some studies indicated that caffeine can cause the modest weight loss in human.

A review of 3 studies that was done on the weight loss pills showed that, a person is capable of losing 2.5kg weight through taking slimming pills than in the cases of placebo and dummy pills which are sometimes used.

On the other hand, a study by Chris Gunnars, 2017  revealed that after 8 weeks the maratrim group lost 5.2kg and 11.9cm off their waist lines after taking the pills. They also had improved life, reduced blood sugar and fats.this showed that, the weight loss pills in this case had worked efficiently.


Weight loss pills has become the most big deal among many people worldwide. However various individuals have gone for different type of pills that they believe can help them burn calories. Some of the weight loss pills entails; Alli, Naturals, pills without caffeine, pills for high blood pressure, pills for diabetics.

However, there are some of the pills that people are advised to stay away from because they bring the adverse effects in  the body and therefore, a lot of research is yet to be done. Many reviews have been put in place whereby the studies shows how efficacious the weight loss pills are. For instance, the study that was done by Chris in the year 2017 a group of people lost 5,2kgs after taking the pills.

On the other hand, regarding the study that was done in 2014, prescriptions may also not work properly as one may believe but only works effectively in the company of healthy weight loss diet.  Consequently, a review that was carried out in the year 2011 whereby 12 studies were done on garcinia cambogia, revealed that, it causes weight loss of 0.88kg over four weeks.Therefore, it is recommended that, weight loss pills should be taken appropriatetly mainly with doctors advice.

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